Monday, September 18, 2006

Blocked tubes

So the dr. called today and one of my tubes didn't show up on the xray. So it's probably blocked. Now we have to go to an RE, which neither I nor DH is very excited about. It's going to be EXPENSIVE! But what other choice do we have? Give up? Continue on like nothing is wrong?

So since the chances of me getting knocked up are so slim, I decided to go ahead and start taking meds for this sinus issue. I guess it doesn't matter if my CM dries up. I wonder if I should even continue using the OPK's I bought yesterday.

Then today I realized I forgot to take my last dose of clomid. So I only took it for four days instead of five. And since I was supposed to take it Friday, I am not about to screw something upa nd take it now. I guess it doesn't matter.


Stephanie said...

this makes me sad. if necessary, i will carry a baby for you. i am sure that would one messed up baby. ; ) seriously though, perhaps things will look up. i will put you in one of ms. chen's pink bubbles of health. do you remember the psycho math teacher?

grandamslam said...

Hey - maybe this'll be the month. When it seems most hopeless - sometimes it's the TIME. That's gay, I sound like "you know who" from BF. hehe. Here's hopin'!